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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Rosa Elizabeth Valseth Valseth, Rosa Elizabeth Higher Executive Officer +47-22840701 Academic development unit, Reception
Picture of Liv Christina Varen Varen, Liv Christina Senior Executive Officer +47-22854311
Picture of Marika Vartun Vartun, Marika Administrative Manager +47-22855019
Picture of Åge Vatnøy Vatnøy, Åge Section Manager +47-22858142
Picture of Jørg Walter Walter, Jørg Senior Executive Officer +47-22859167
Picture of Bjørg-Marit Tomter Watson Watson, Bjørg-Marit Tomter Higher Executive Officer +47-22854095 90732139 Invoices, Switchboard, Purchasing, Administration, Basware, Voucher
Weyergang, Cecilie Senior Adviser +47-22859191
Øvregard, Trude Schmidt Higher Executive Officer +47-22857729 Study administration
Picture of Lee Ae Ran Aamodt Aamodt, Lee Ae Ran Project Manager +47-22855933 Quality of education, Student and Academic Administration, Teacher education