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Persons 101 - 125 of 135
Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Gulbrand Rosenberg Rosenberg, Gulbrand Senior Engineer +47 22844067
Picture of Kathrine Rostad Rostad, Kathrine Senior Executive Officer +47 22859126 Study administration, Master team
Picture of Jostein Andresen Ryen Ryen, Jostein Andresen Senior Adviser +47 22858580
Picture of Tara Sarin Sarin, Tara Head of Office (on leave) +47 22844496
Picture of Miriam Segal Segal, Miriam Senior Executive Officer +47 22855032 Study administration
Picture of Elizaveta Semenova Semenova, Elizaveta Senior Executive Officer +47 22845951
Skar, Morten Senior Adviser +47 22844416 45465815 EKVA
Picture of Line Sletten Sletten, Line Section Manager +47 22855752
Picture of Trine Smestad Smestad, Trine Senior Adviser +47 22858112 Web publishing, Web editor, Communication
Picture of Marie Steenstrup Steenstrup, Marie Senior Adviser +47 22858263
Picture of Lars Tore Larsen Stende Stende, Lars Tore Larsen Adviser +47 22857787
Picture of Mette Strand Strand, Mette Higher Executive Officer Study administration
Picture of Patrick Tufte Strand Strand, Patrick Tufte Principal Engineer Local IT support
Picture of Kristin Flood Strøm Strøm, Kristin Flood Adviser +47 22844858 Admissions, Educational Leadership, Student and Academic Administration
Picture of Stefan Vincent Strømnes Strømnes, Stefan Vincent Higher Executive Officer +4792610112 Social media, Communication, marketing
Picture of Ragnhild Stuler Stuler, Ragnhild Administrative Manager 22 85 60 67
Picture of Linn Kristin Stølan Stølan, Linn Kristin Section Manager +47 22858056 +47 40605005 Research administration, Research support, PhD, Communication
Picture of Rabia Azhar Syed Syed, Rabia Azhar Senior Executive Officer +47 22855126 Study administration
Picture of Elin Østbø Sørensen Sørensen, Elin Østbø Head of Office +47 22855353 Office manager
Picture of Terje Kristian Lian Thoresen Thoresen, Terje Kristian Lian Head Engineer +47 22840702
Picture of Ragnhild Gotaas Torvik Torvik, Ragnhild Gotaas Senior Executive Officer +47 22857795
Picture of Kari-Anne Ulfsnes Ulfsnes, Kari-Anne Senior Adviser +47 22840735 +47 92232053 Research administration
Picture of Jennie Katrine Urang Urang, Jennie Katrine Higher Executive Officer +47 22855356 Reception
Picture of Iqra Usmani Usmani, Iqra Higher Executive Officer +47 22845607 Study administration, Master in Education
Picture of Lisa Utnem Utnem, Lisa Administrative Manager +47 22844248 Study administration, Teacher Education Program