Approval of courses, guide for the calculation of credits

The Program council is responsible for establishing and endorce research courses at the Faculty. The Programme plan gives regulations concerning the amount of credits and academic level to determine for each course.

Guide for the calculation of credits

Credit calculation is based on the following:

One day (0900–1600) = 6 teaching hours. One-day courses are granted 2 sp (credits) with documentation, 0 sp (credits) without documentation. Documentation submitted includes work with the required reading for the course – see the table below.  Two-day courses = 1 sp (credit). All documentation will be granted 2 sp (credits). This means that a two-day course with documentation is granted 3 sp (credits). If a maximum number of pages of literature is required, the documentation requirement may be reduced (and vice versa). Based on this, the following may serve as a guiding model:

Days of teaching All dokumentation Courses with dokumentation Courses without dokumentation


scope of required reading

Total number of weeks
One day course 2 sp 2 sp 0 sp 200  pages 1.5 - 2 weeks
2 days  = 1 studiepoeng (sp) 2 sp 3 sp 1 sp 200- 300 pages 2 weeks

3 -4 days = 2 sp

2 sp 4 sp 1 sp 300- 400 pages 3 weeks
5-  6 days = 3 sp 2 sp 5 sp 1 sp 400- 500 pages 4 weeks
7-  8 days = 4 sp 2 sp 6 sp 1 sp 500- 600 pages 5 weeks


The calculation of credits can be related to the advice regarding workload per credit in the international ECTS scale and the national guidelines (Norwegian Association of Higher Education Institutions), which state that 1 credit corresponds to a normal workload of 25–30 working hours.

The documentation requirement will differ between the different courses. The forms of documentation normally include exercises, course assignment, essay, report, popularized/ scientific article, presentation of own paper / prepared oral academic presentations or other academic contribution to courses, oral or written accounts.

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