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Courses and seminars - PhD

The training component

In addition to writing a PhD thesis, you must complete a training component that is equivalent to six months’ work, or 30 credits. The educational component is made up of compulsory topics (20 credits) and an elective component of courses/seminars (10 credits).

As a PhD candidate, you can participate in courses offered by all departments and also make use of external education. Be aware that courses offered may vary from semester to semester, but some courses are held every semester.

Course catalogue

The compulsory component of the training, which is worth 20 credits, includes courses in the philosophy of science, ethics and qualitative and quantitative methodology.

Further, the candidates are free to choose courses worth up to 10 credits. These can be selected either from courses offered by the Faculty in the autumn and spring or from courses offered by other institutions. Candidates are advised to consult with their supervisors. Courses taken at other institutions must be evaluated and approved by the department or the Faculty.

The Faculty’s online course catalogue gives an overview of the courses offered in the autumn and spring. The Faculty also collaborates nationally with the other social science faculties in connection with a course portal. Information about these courses you will also find in the on-line course catalogue.

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