Courses and seminars – the online catalogue from spring 2018

The training component of the doctoral programme will provide doctoral candidates with insight into important philosophy of science and ethics topics and research methodology, spread over a range of thematic courses and theories relevant to the candidate’s area of research.

The faculty’s online catalogue includes details of research courses organized by the faculty in the autumn and spring.

In this on-line catalogue you will also find possible courses in social sciences and educational sciences in the national portal for research courses , a portal as a result of cooperation under the National Conference of Faculties of Social Sciences. You may also find courses given by other universities in Norway.

Please discuss the selections of courses with your supervisor. Courses taken outside the faculty  Courses taken at other institutions must be approved by the department or the faculty.

Advice about courses in the educational component of the programme is available here.

Course registration

Candidates at the Faculty programme can register for courses via StudentWeb. Candidates who are not on a programme at the Faculty must register for courses via the online form. Further information is given in the course descriptions.

Note that those who do not want to submit papers or other work can only register for courses with the letter ‘U’ at the end of the course code (e.g. UV9214U). Candidates have the option to change their mind, in which case they should consult the Research Consultant at their unit. Candidates who have completed a ‘U’ course one semester and subsequently want to take the course after providing documentation will receive a one-credit credit reduction for that course. The number of credits that is granted with documentation is the maximum number of credits that can be achieved.

Transcripts/completed courses

As from the spring of 2013, doctoral candidates at UiO will receive a transcript of completed courses from the student information system (FS). This documentation replaces the old transcripts. Transcripts are ordered via StudentWeb. You must, therefore, check your address in the information below each semester. Your order is sent to the Faculty’s Student Information Centre, which sends out transcripts every day. You can also request a transcript from the Research Consultant at your Department. Candidates who have registered completed courses in FS do not need to request course documentation after each course that they have completed. FS keeps a record of all courses completed.

Facts about StudentWeb

Doctoral candidates are not charged a semester fee to register for research courses. When you log on to StudentWeb, click on ‘Register’ in the left menu. Then select 'PhD agreement confirmation’. This takes you to the page ‘Contact details’. It is important that you check that the information on this page is correct every semester, and make any necessary changes.

The next page is ‘Agreement details’. This is followed by a page called ‘Education plan part 1’. You must confirm this plan before you can register for courses on the next page, which is called ‘Education plan part 2’. Note that you can only register for courses for the current semester.

It should also be noted that if you are going to register for doctoral courses after 1 February or 1 September, you need to take the steps described in the text under the heading ‘Education plan part 2’, i.e. click ‘Save’ to go to the next page ‘Messages about teaching and exams’. You can register for the course here.

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