Educational component

The organized research education consists of a training component with courses and seminars worth a minimum of 30 credits, as well as a thesis. The training component will also provide training in the dissemination of scholarly material.

The training component

The training component is somewhat tailored to the individual candidate, and is structured in line with the candidate’s needs in relation to the research work (the thesis).

The training component covers a minimum of 30 credits and includes courses in the philosophy of science, ethics and qualitative and quantitative methodology, as well as specialized courses.

The faculty has revised the programme plan with effect from 01.06.2018. The courses will be given in more predetermined intervals and at a given semester. The professional offer of courses and seminars may nevertheless vary, as the faculty will also offer a course in connection with stays by visiting researchers etc.

Information about courses is continuously being updated, so candidates should check the course web pages regularly. You should also check the courses at other institutions (in Norwgian) and in other countries. If you take courses outside the Faculty, you must apply to have them included as part of the training component. Familiarize yourself with the requirements of the training component and discuss your plans with your supervisors. More information is available here on research courses.

Candidates must register for courses via StudentWeb. Candidates who have not been admitted to the faculty’s PhD programme must register via the online form. Further information is given in the course descriptions. Course details can be found in the Faculty’s online catalogue. Please note that candidates who are not part of a programme must, as a minimum, hold a Master’s degree in order to register. This group of potential course participants will be accepted subject to availability after the PhD programme candidates have been registered.

Courses must not be older than two years at the time of admission in order to be included in the educational component. In combination with the work on the thesis, the educational component must provide the necessary academic breadth and depth.

Framework of the educational component:

The compulsory elements of the educational component will not be linked to specific courses, but to topics. Topics are divided as shown below.

Compulsory topics/subjects

The Research seminar:                                             2 credits

Philosophy of Science:                                              5 credits
Research Ethics:                                                       3 credits      
Methodology:                                                           10 credits(sp)

Total compulsory topics/subjects                           = 20 credits (sp)
Total elective component                                       = 10 credits (sp)
Total educational component                            = 30 credits (sp)

Further information about the educational component can be found at the dedicated information page or in the programme plan 

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