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Study and research abroad - PhD

International experience will be critical to later opportunities for employment in an academic position and for external project funding. Overseas stays will give candidates valuable experience and an opportunity to establish contacts and build networks. Seek advice from your supervisor. 

Common types of stays abroad

  • guest researcher stays (short stays lasting 2 weeks to 3 months, or longer stays lasting 3-12 months)
  • to visit a supervisor
  • field work
  • course or seminar participation
  • conference participation

In agreement with the Head of the Department, the research fellows may be granted a reduction in the work duties for longer stays abroad.

Faculty funding for research stays abroad

The Faculty of Educational Sciences advertises funds for research stays abroad for doctoral research fellows. 

Other sources of funding for overseas stays

Externally funded candidates

If you have external funding, check with your employer/funding body what options you have for staying abroad.

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