The Department of Education has partners inside research and reporting, studies and Continuing Education, at both national and international level.

Research Collaboration

Researchers and organizations that wish to contact the department or its employees can contact the individuals directly or contact the department leadership.

Programme Collaboration

The department offers master's level studies that is work-oriented and works with many businesses that accept students for shorter and longer work experience (3-8 weeks). These programmes are "Educational-psychological counseling" and "Knowledge, education and learning" and "Communication, design and learning". The Department is in great need of more work experience places.

Do you want to get in touch with IPED students in terms of implementation of the master thesis projects in your organization? Many master's students conduct data collection and write their thesis in collaboration with various partner organizations.

Contact if you are interested in collaborating with one of our programmes!

Continuing Education Collaboration

The department may collaborate with municipalities, schools and agencies, or businesses on the development and implementation of continuing education.

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