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General information about studies at the Faculty of Educationial Sciences

UV Student Information Centre
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 11.00 a.m - 3.00 p.m
Phone: +47 22 84 44 45

General information for international students

  • Application process
  • Semester registration
  • Residence permits

International Student Reception
Opening hours: 10.00 - 15.00

Questions relating to the following international master's programmes:

  • Master in Education (MIE)
  • Specialisation: Master in Education: Education and Social change: Childhood and Youth Studies (ESCY)
  • Specialisation: Master in Education: Higher Education Studies (HES)
  • Master of Philosophy in Higher Education (HE)

Questions about bachelor courses offered in English (after admission)

 Request explanation for the given grade.

Questions relating to the PhD programme


Please contact Olga Mukhina

Questions concerning research seminars

Applicants, students, faculty members and visiting staff

Please contact Olga Mukhina