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Immersive Learning across School and Community (ILASC)

How can AR and VR support students’ deep learning? and What role might organizations in the local community play in students' learning and competence development in science education?

Elever med vr briller i klasserom

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About the project

In the project Immersive Learning Across Contexts (ILASC), we will develop interdisciplinary learning designs targeting the topic Public Health and Life Competence (Folkehelse og Livsmestring) where new digital technologies, such as virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR), play an important part as learning resources. We will create learning environments that enable students to experience abstract knowledge in engaging and meaningful ways by connecting the classroom to relevant knowledge practices in the local community. We will employ design-based methods that involve close collaboration between researchers, schools and organizations in the local community. 


This is a three-year project, which involves researchers at Iped, students and teachers in an upper secondary school in Oslo, youth which is engaged in a sports club and the local community in which the school is situated. We employ design-based methods in the project, as well as sociocultural and situated perspectives on learning and technology-use. 


The Norwegian Research Council


In this project, Utdanningsetaten i Oslo, a sports club and an upper secondary school in Oslo are partners.


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