Conference presentations (selected)

  • Dolonen, J. A., Ludvigsen, S. & Rasmussen, I. (2019). Microblogging for joint construction of meaning in the classroom. Poster at CSCL 2019 conference, Lyon, 2019.06.17 - 2019.06.21.
  • Warwick, P. (2019). Scaffolding reasoning in science classrooms: methodological tools for investigating microblogging in the context of a dialogic pedagogy. American Educational Research Association. Toronto, Canada. April 2019.
  • Rasmusse, I & Rødnes, K.A. (2019) “Thinking together and digital tools” Internasjonal konferanse: Dialogisk pedagogikk, kreativitet og læring. Hvordan legge til rette for dialogisk undervisning, kreativitet og læring i en utdanningssituasjon? 
  • Frøytlog Johansen, J.I. (2017) “Exploring dialogic participation patterns in hybrid classrooms” Poster presentation at the EARLI conference Tampere, Finnland.
  • Major, L (2016) Talkwall will be presented at an innovation session for the British Educational Research Association (BERA) Annual Conference, 13th-15th September 2016, of Leeds.
  • Rasmussen, I., Warwick, P., Major, P., Smørdal, P., Ludvigsen, S. & Rødnes, K.A. (2016): «Digitalised Dialogues Across the Curriculum (DiDiAC): Design-based interventions for developing 21st-century skills» Poster presentation at the EARLI conference SIG 10 in Tartu, Estland.
  • Rasmussen, I. (2015) Designing tools to facilitate teacher-led discussions in the digitalized school. Guest lecture, Cambridge, Faculty of Education. 23rd March, 2015.
  • Rasmussen, I. & Hagen, Å. (2015) Facilitating Students' Individual and Collective Knowledge Construction through Microblogs. Poster at AERA, Annual Meeting, Chicago, Illinois. April, 19-20, 2015.
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