STAYER (completed)

A stayer is someone who does not quit easily

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About the project

In vocational education dropout is a big problem. We know that the students that drop out is often boys and that these students are often uninterested in theory, but might be quite interested and often skilled in using some technology-based activities outside school. However, this does not mean that their skills are relevant for gaining knowledge that counts in education or worklife. The situation can thus be described as one in which students are currently skilled in technology use, but not necessarily of a kind that is relevant in education or to their future occupation.

The STAYER pre-project will create an arena where teachers and leadership at the Risløkka Centre of Expertise for Vocational Training, trade partners, and researchers will meet on a regular basis to develop models for future vocational teaching and learning practices.


The pre-project has two main areas for collaboration:

1) Inter-organizational learning and school development including

  • Theoretical based review of alternatives for the organization of vocational training
  • Review of the relevant representational training technologies used in the car industry and prepare a design for using such technologies in the main project.

2) Technology-based interventions for making theory more relevant in vocational education/training (task and assessment).

  • Develop models for new task and assessment practices based on social network technologies with authentic activities for students´ preferred occupations


The pre-project activities will result in an empirical design for the main project. This design will include analyses of the students learning processes and outcomes. Together the activities in these areas will result in future models for vocational education at Risløkka Vocational College and other vocational institutions.


The Research Council of Norway


Risløkka Centre of Expertise for Vocational Training and Sogn Upper Secondary Vocational School (Sogn videregående skole)

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