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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Terje Ulv Throndsen Throndsen, Terje Ulv Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22858135 +47 92402294 +4792402294
Picture of Anna Dyrkorn Tjora Tjora, Anna Dyrkorn Higher Executive Officer +47 22857859 Study administration, Research administration
Picture of Janne von Koss  Torkildsen Torkildsen, Janne von Koss Professor +47-22845016 Language impairment, Cognitive neuroscience, Learning mechanisms, Special Needs Education, Logopedics, Language Development
Picture of Marika Vartun Vartun, Marika Administrative Manager +47 22855019
Picture of Sietske van Viersen Viersen, Sietske van Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Ona Bø  Wie Wie, Ona Bø Professor / Head of Department +47-22858051 +47-90920274 Special Needs Education
Picture of Siri Wormnæs Wormnæs, Siri Professor Emeritus +47 22858146
Picture of Ga Young Yoon Yoon, Ga Young Research Assistant +47 22858108
Picture of Sangwon Yoon Yoon, Sangwon Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22858129 Child Maltreatment, Inclusive Education, Individual Education Plan, ICF-CY, Parent Training, Psychometrics, Systematic Review
Picture of Oleg Zacharov Zacharov, Oleg Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22858074
Picture of Henrik Daae Zachrisson Zachrisson, Henrik Daae Professor +47 22858066 +4740048017 Econometrics, Longitudinal Modeling, Early Childhood Education and Care, Developmental Psychology
Picture of Imac Maria Zambrana Zambrana, Imac Maria Associate Professor +47 22856073 Language development and delays, Early communcation and social cognitive skills, Learning mechanisms, Social learning processes and interaction
Picture of Laoura Ziaka Ziaka, Laoura Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22858128
Picture of Magnar Ødegård Ødegård, Magnar Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22859078 +4790629218
Øvregard, Trude Schmidt Senior Executive Officer +47 22857729 Study administration, Master's programme