Participants in The Vocabulary Learning Challenge (VLC)

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Janne von Koss Torkildsen Professor +47-22845016 +47 41567114 (mob) Language impairment, Cognitive neuroscience, Learning mechanisms, Special Needs Education, Logopedics, Language Development
Ona Bø Wie Professor / Head of Department +47-22858051 +47-90920274 (mob) Special Needs Education
Bente Eriksen Hagtvet Professor emeritus +47 22858009 +47-41601990 (mob)
Solveig-Alma Halaas Lyster Professor Emeritus +47-90653063 (mob)
Kari-Anne Bottegård Næss Professor +47 22859163 +4792240741 Special Education, Special Needs Education, Language and Learning, Stimulation and Preventive Strategies, Developemental Disabilities
Siri Steffensen Bratlie Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22857738 Education, Comprehending and learning from text
Jarl Kleppe Kristensen Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22858022
Nina Melsom Kristensen
Andrea Chanell Jønsberg Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22856715 Educational audiology, children with hearing loss, listening, language development
Camille Dorival Head of Design, EngageLab EngageLab
Richard Nesnass Senior Engineer +47-99871678 IPED
Ole Smørdal Researcher, Head of EngageLab +4793080473 (mob) Education, ICT and learning, Design-based research, Participatory design, Citizenship, EngageLab