Larsen, Gjendem, Svevad & Nielsen (2021): Validation of the Norwegian adaptation of Khalfa’s Hyperacusis Questionnaire and psychological distress in Norwegian hyperacusis patients

I: Hearing, Balance and Communication. Online first. Open Access

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Linda Larsen,Terese Stople Gjendema, Karina Svevada og Guri Engernes Nielsen


Objectives: There are currently no validated hyperacusis questionnaires available in Norway. This study evaluates a new (Norwegian) translation of Khalfa’s Hyperacusis Questionnaire. Another aim was to examine levels of psychological distress in Norwegian hyperacusis patients. Materials and methods: Seventy-six hyperacusis patients between 21 and 68 years of age completed an online survey on two occasions comprising the Norwegian Hyperacusis Questionnaire (HQ) and Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (HADS). Results: The average scale score for HQ was 25.9 ± 9.0. The HQ scale and subscales had good to excellent internal consistency, except the emotional subscale, which had somewhat lower reliability. The test-retest reliability was moderate to good for the HQ scale and subscales. Fifty-five percent of patients had symptoms of anxiety, while 43% had symptoms of depression. Conclusion: This preliminary investigation found the Norwegian HQ to be a reliable and valid measure. Patients had more symptoms of anxiety than depression, which is in line with previous findings. Future studies may wish to evaluate the factor structure and measurement invariance of the Norwegian HQ.

Publisert 29. juni 2021 14:07 - Sist endret 29. juni 2021 14:36