Arnesen, Smolkowski, Ogden & Melby-Lervåg (2017): Validation of the elementary social behaviour assessment: teacher ratings of students' social skills adapted to Norwegian, grades 1-6

I: Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties, Online first


Anne Arnesen, Keith Smolkowski, Terje Ogden & Monica Melby-Lervåg


This study investigated the psychometric properties of the Elementary Social Behaviour Assessment (ESBA), a teacher-report measure of students’ social skills and academic engagement adapted for use in Norwegian schools. At two times, 8 weeks apart, 151 teachers rated 793 students in Grades 1–6 on the ESBA and the Social Skills Rating System Teacher’s form (SSRS-T). Exploratory factor analysis with the first assessment suggested one or possibly two factors. Confirmatory factor analysis with the second assessment confirmed the one- or two-factor models but did not offer strong evidence for one over the other. The ESBA demonstrated good to excellent reliability. Strong concurrent and predictive correlations with the SSRS-T established criterion validity. The school and teacher levels explained only a limited amount of the total variance in ESBA scores, suggesting that teachers rate students quite similarly. The Norwegian-adapted ESBA paralleled the reliability and validity evidence from US samples.

Publisert 18. apr. 2017 13:28 - Sist endret 4. juli 2022 13:30