Holm, Aunio, Björn, Klenberg, Korhonen & Hannula (2017): Behavioral Executive Functions Among Adolescents With Mathematics Difficulties

I: Journal of Learning Disabilities, Online first


Marja E. Holm, Pirjo Aunio, Piia M. Bjorn, Liisa Klenberg, Johan Korhonen & Markku S. Hannula


This study investigates behavioral executive functions (EFs) in the mathematics classroom context among adolescents with different mathematics performance levels. The EF problems were assessed by teachers using a behavioral rating inventory. Using cutoff scores on a standardized mathematics assessment, groups with mathematics difficulties (MD; n = 124), low mathematics performance (LA; n = 140), and average or higher scores (AC; n = 355) were identified. Results showed that the MD group had more problems with distractibility, directing attention, shifting attention, initiative, execution of action, planning, and evaluation than the LA group, whereas the differences in hyperactivity, impulsivity, and sustaining attention were not significant. Compared to the AC group, the MD group showed more problems with all behavioral EFs except hyperactivity and impulsivity, while the LA group showed more problems only with shifting attention. Male adolescents showed more behavioral EF problems than female adolescents, but this gender difference was negligible within the MD group. The practical implications of the results are discussed.

Publisert 31. aug. 2017 14:51 - Sist endret 31. aug. 2017 14:51