Kanniainen, Asko,Tolvanen, Aro, Anmarkrud & Leppänen (2021): Assessing reading and online research comprehension: Do difficulties in attention and executive function matter?

I: Learning and Individual Differences. Online first, Open Access.

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Laura Kanniainen, Carita Kiili, Asko Tolvanen, Mikko Aro, Øistein Anmarkrud og Paavo H.T. Leppänen 


This study evaluated the relation between sixth graders' (N = 426) teacher-rated difficulties in attention and executive function (EF) and their comprehension skills. Reading comprehension was assessed with a multiple-choice task and online research and comprehension (ORC) with a problem-solving task. The analyses were controlled for gender, reading fluency and nonverbal reasoning. To investigate differences in students' performance between the tasks, comprehension skills in the multiple-choice task were also controlled for in the ORC task. Structural equation models showed that teacher-rated attention and EF difficulties were related to students' performance more in the problem-solving task than in the multiple-choice task. After controlling for all the background variables, these difficulties explained 9% of the variance of ORC performance in girls and 4% in boys. These results indicate that for students with attention and EF difficulties the ORC task was more challenging than the reading comprehension task.


Publisert 1. mars 2021 14:41 - Sist endret 1. mars 2021 14:42