Karlsen, Lyster & Lervåg (2016): Vocabulary development in Norwegian L1 and L2 learners in the kindergarten–school transition

I: Journal of Child Language, Online first, Open Access


Jannicke Karlsen, Solveig-Almaa Halaas Lyster og Arne Lervåg


This study examined the vocabulary development of Norwegian second language (L2) learners with Urdu/Punjabi as their first language (L1) at two time-points from kindergarten to primary school, and compared it to the vocabulary development of monolingual Norwegian children. Using path models, the associations between number of picture books in the home, maternal education, and previous L1 and L2 vocabulary on the development of L2 vocabulary breadth and depth were investigated. The results indicate that despite the weaker vocabulary skills of the L2 sample, the growth trajectories of the L2 learners and the monolingual comparison group did not differ. For the L2 learners, we identified both concurrent and longitudinal predictors of vocabulary: the number of books in the home and the time of introduction of the L2 predicted concurrent vocabulary. L1 vocabulary, number of books in the home, and the time of introduction of the L2 predicted vocabulary growth.

Publisert 31. okt. 2016 10:59 - Sist endret 18. okt. 2019 11:21