Kristiansen, Burner & Johnsen (2019): Face-to-face promotive interaction leading to successful cooperative learning: A review study

I: Cogent Education, Online first, Open Access

Bildet kan inneholde: rød, utklipp, design, grafikk.


Selma Dzemidzic Kristiansen, Tony Burner & Berit Helene Johnsen


The article presents a review of 34 studies conducted from 1995 to 2017 focusing on face-to-face promotive interaction (FtFPI) factors that may lead to successful cooperative learning (CL) in small groups, as guided by the following research question: “Which FtFPI factors lead to successful CL in small groups?“ A manual and citation database search were used to find relevant studies. The findings indicate that students’ interpersonal behavior, their experiences and active participation in the CL process, communication and support to each other, and teachers’ influence on promoting students’ interaction leading to successful CL in small groups. Moreover, these factors may lead to students’ deep learning. However, the review suggests that systematic preparations must be made by both teachers and students if the CL is to be successful. Thus, more empirical research is needed to understand the complexity of students’ FtFPI and to investigate the development of FtFPI based on students’ and teachers’ experiences in small CL groups.

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