Löfkvist, Anmyr, Henricson & Karltorp (2019): Executive Functions, Pragmatic Skills and Mental Health in Children With Congenital Cytomegalovirus (CMV) infection With Cochlear Implants: A pilot study

I: Frontiers in Psychology, Online first

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Ulrika Löfkvist, Lena Anmyr, Cecilia Henricson & Eva Karltorp.


Congenital cytomegalovirus (cCMV) infection is the most common cause of progressive hearing impairment. In our previous study around 90 % of children with cCMV infection and CI had severely damaged balance function (Karltorp et al., 2014). Around 20 % had vision impairment, 15 % were diagnosed with Autism-Spectrum-Disorder and 20 % with ADHD. One clinical observation was that children with cCMV infection had problems with executive functioning (EF) while controls with genetic cause of deafness (Connexin 26 mutations; Cx26) did not have similar difficulties. Therefore, a follow-up study was initiated with the main objective to examine EF and pragmatic skills, in relation to mental health in children with cCMV infection, and compared to matched controls with Cx26 mutations (age, sex, hearing, non-verbal cognitive ability, vocabulary, socioeconomic status level).


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