Øien, Vambheim, Hart, Nordahl-Hansen, Erickson, Wink, Eisemann, Shic, Volkmar & Grodberg (2018) Sex-Differences in Children Referred for Assessment: An Exploratory Analysis of the Autism Mental Status Exam (AMSE)

I: Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, Online first


Roald A. Øien, Sara M. Vambheim, Logan Hart, Anders Nordahl-Hansen, Craig Erickson, Logan Wink, Martin R. Eisemann, Frederick Shic, Fred R. Volkmar & David Grodberg.


The autism mental status exam is an eight-item observational assessment that structures the way we observe and document signs and symptoms of ASD. Investigations of test performance indicate strong sensitivity and specificity using gold-standard assessment as reference standard. This study aims to explore potential sex differences in AMSE test performance and observations of 123 children referred for autism assessment. Results indicates more language deficits in females with ASD than in males with ASD and less sensory symptoms in females compared to males with ASD. The AMSE performance is similar in identifying ASD and non-ASD in females compared to males. Less disruptive behaviors in females, might cause a need for a bigger hit to other areas of development to raise concern.


Publisert 8. feb. 2018 16:23 - Sist endret 18. feb. 2019 13:01