QUINT PhD Summer Institute: Call for abstracts

Status: postponed to spring/summer 2021 due to COVID-19, new dates to be confirmed.

PhD candidates are invited to submit abstracts to QUINT PHD Summer Institute/Conference "Frameworks for Analysing Teaching Quality: Methods, Measures and Meaning-making", 2-5 June 2020.

Deadline: Monday 2 March 2020 (expired)

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QUINT PHD Summer Institute/Conference takes place on 2-5 June 2020 in Iceland, the Reykjavik area. The first two days are devoted to the QUINT PhD Summer Institute followed by video workshops, keynote presentations, panel discussions and targeted seminars. Image may contain: Text, Font, Poster.

This call is opened to PhD students interested in ways of/ frameworks for analysing teaching quality be it methodological, conceptual and/ or theoretical aspects. Also ways of interpreting and representing results and data are welcomed as objects for point of discussions.

Full programme to be announced. 

QUINT PhD stipend

QUINT provides stipend to all PhD students, also outside the QUINT PhD network (funding upon acceptance). Eligibility criteria and application guidelines

Abstract submission guidelines

Abstract submission should detail the aims, methodology, findings and theoretical and educational significance of this research.

Submission requirements:

  • Your full name, affiliation and current position
  • Title of the paper
  • An abstract (300 words max.)
  • An extended summary (1000 words max., excluding references, to be uploaded as a Word or PDF file)

Deadline: Monday 2 March 2020 (expired)

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