PLATO Classroom Discourse

This seminar gathered QUINT researchers to discuss different perspectives on Classroom discourse within the Protocol for Language Arts Teaching Observation (PLATO). 

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The purpose of this meeting is to enable researchers with a special interest in the Protocol for Language Arts Teaching Observation (PLATO) category of Classroom Discourse to get together and discuss different perspectives on this particular element of teaching. Focus areas of the discussion include the differences between subject areas, special attention to different qualities of classroom discourse, or the possibility of comparing across countries, depending on the participants’ areas of interest. Towards the end of the meeting, we will also talk about the possibilities of different types of collaboration.


The meeting is the 23rd of November at 10-12 CET, at

10.00-10.10     Welcome and introduction by Cæcilie Hejl, QUINT PhD Fellow, SDU

10.10-11.10     Presentation of approaches to investigating Classroom Discourse

11.10-11.30     Conversations about the possibilities and wishes for further collaboration/knowledge sharing (in breakout rooms with approximately 4 persons in each group)

11.30-11.50     Sharing of ideas and wishes with everyone

11.50-12.00     Sum-up and deciding “what is next?”


At this PLATO-CD meeting, 12 participants from all the five countries involved in QUINT, participated and shared their approaches to working with classroom discourse. Most of the participants were analyzing the LISA data with a special focus on the PLATO element of Classroom Discourse, but from very different perspectives. All participants contributed to an interesting and nuanced discussion of the different ways in which we as QUINT researchers can contribute to the research field of classroom conversation. We decided to create a PLATO-CD Forum in which we can share ideas and knowledge in relation to the investigation of classroom discourse. We will meet again to continue the discussion in spring 2022.


This seminar is aimed at the researchers within the QUINT Network

Zoom link:

Meeting convener: QUINT PhD Fellow Cæcilie Ketil Hejl, University of Southern Denmark, Department for the Study of Culture, Faculty of Humanities Email:


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