QUINT Conference 2022/PhD Summer Institute: Call for abstracts

QUINT welcomes submission of abstracts for the PhD Summer Institute and the Conference 'Theorizing and Measuring Teaching Quality: Instruments, Evidence and Interpretations' on 7-10 June 2022 in Iceland.

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Research focus

Research on teaching quality suggests that significant advancements have beenImage may contain: Font. made in conceptualizing, operationalizing and measuring teaching quality over the past two decades. However, the field still strives with challenges related to:

(i) ways of conceptualizing teaching quality

(ii) differences in terminology and language used

(iii) difficulties in operationalization and measurement and

(iv) epistemologies and theoretical underpinnings

In this third QUINT conference, we address all of these issues. We welcome especially papers that address ways of theorizing teaching quality, testing out frameworks, models, and theories of what constitutes high quality teaching and schooling.

Keynote speakers

  • Pamela Grossman, Professor Emerita, University of Pennsylvania
  • Courtney Bell, Professor of Learning Sciences, Director of the Wisconsin Center for Education Research, University of Wisconsin – Madison
  • Professor Daniël Muijs, Dean of the School of Education and Society, Academica University of Applied Sciences


  • PhD Summer Institute (7-8 June): paper sessions dedicated to PhD Fellows
    7 June: Coding workshop 
  • QUINT Conference (9-10 June): open conference with paper sessions and workshops

Paper sessions are oral presentations, followed by a discussion with the audience. The time allowed for each paper, including the presentation and discussion, is 20-30 minutes. 

Abstract submission guidelines

Abstract submission should detail the aims, methodology, findings and theoretical and educational significance of this research. 

Deadline: Tuesday 1 March 2022, prolonged to Friday 4 March.

Assessment criteria

Abstracts will be reviewed by the experts from the QUINT Management Group (Link to bios). Review criteria:

  • Aims
  • Methodology
  • Findings (final or preliminary)
  • Theoretical and educational significance
  • Relevance to the QUINT ambition (priority)


  • Deadline for abstract submission: Tuesday 1 March, prolonged to Friday 4 March
  • Letter of acceptance including stipend: by middle of April

Please indicate to Maria Dikova if you would like to have your papers in a joint paper session/ symposia.


Annual QUINT PhD Summer Institute and QUINT Conference "Theorizing and Measuring Teaching Quality: Instruments, Evidence and Interpretations" takes place 7-10 June 2022 in Iceland. The first two days are devoted to PhD papers (7-8 June), with the open QUINT Conference organised on the following days (9-10 June). The QUINT researchers are welcome to attend all days.

  • QUINT researchers: QUINT finances travel, accommodation costs, and the conference fee for the QUINT researchers.
  • For the PhD Fellows (also outside the QUINT network), we offer a stipend that covers travel, accommodation (4 days) and the conference fee. Financial support upon abstract acceptance. Full information (Website) 
  • Other conference attendees (outside QUINT) are welcome to attend.
    They will be required to pay a conference fee to cover meals at the conference. Accommodation and travel bookings are to be handled personally. It will be possible to book rooms at the venue Hotel Ork according to the reduced price. Dedicated booking numbers will be available in March/April.
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