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Development of motivation and competence in mathematics (completed)

Boy who draws numbers on a table

How closely linked are motivation and competence in mathematics? Photo: Colourbox

About the project

The project aims to investigate the parallel development of motivation and competence in mathematics over time, and how these relate to each other. The project will focus on grades 5 through 10, the transitional period from elementary to lower secondary school. Several motivational constructs will be included to investigate their individual development, to relate the development of different motivational constructs to each other, and to the development of competence.


The project runs from November 2017 to October 2021. Longitudinal data on motivation will be collected through questionnaires administered to 5 cohorts of pupils, who will be followed over a period of 1,5 years. Data on competence will be collected simultaneously as the motivation data, in relation to closely linked PhD-project (listed to the right). The data on competence will be collected through Norwegian national assessments.


The project is financed directly by CEMO.


We will collaborate with The Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training and The Norwegian Centre for Mathematics Education (external links) for data collection.

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Project Leader:

Sigrid Blömeke