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Tools for mentoring

The goal of project is to develop new tools for mentoring in teacher education: more specifically for preference screening, learner assessment and structured video-use.

How can mentoring tools contribute to new teachers' professional development? Illustration photo close up from project work: colourbox.

How can mentoring tools contribute to new teachers' professional development? Photo: colourbox.

About the project

The project is to develop tools for mentors and new teachers to work with mentoring in a structured and research-based manner. The tools are to help adapt mentoring to the individual student's individual needs and support mentoring in focusing on essential practices that teachers need to master.

Based on research on challenges and dilemmas in the teaching profession, we will develop a digital tool for screening preservice teachers' preferences based on:

  • (a) self-assessment of preferences
  • (b) a decision simulator introducing relevant challenges that teachers face

Other tools are designed to give student teachers feedback on what they should work with and are based on research on mentoring, teachers' work and the challenges facing novice teachers. These tools will provide feedback from learners, fellow students and from the students themselves. We are also developing a mentoring tool that enables and supports the use of feedback for creating learning goals, trying out new practices, structure filming and use video for mentoring purposes.


The project started as a part of a pilot project supported by NFR (No. 237863) which examined learner feedback to teacher students and the use of such feedback in mentoring. The development of the tools is based on research on mentoring, on novice teachers and on teaching. How the tools can contribute to new teachers’ professional development is followed up with interviews, observations and questionnaires. The project will start in 2019 and will end in 2022.


The project is funded by the Norwegian Research Council.


The project is based in the research group Teacher Professionalism and Educational Change: Practices, Purposes, Policies (TEPEC) at the Faculty of Educational Sciences, in cooperation with College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, USA and the University of Oslo's partner schools for teacher education.


  • Eyvind Elstad & Eli Lejonberg (2018). Developing new tools for mentoring in teacher education.

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Project leader


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