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Tools for mentoring

The goal of this project is to develop new tools for mentoring in teacher education: more specifically for preference screening, learner assessment and structured video-use.

How can mentoring tools contribute to new teachers' professional development? Illustration photo close up from project work: colourbox.

How can mentoring tools contribute to new teachers' professional development? Photo: colourbox.

About the project

The project develops and tests tools used in mentoring to contribute to professional development of preservice teachers on campus as well as during practicum periods. Based on research on beginning teacher`s challenges in professional practice, as well as on values ​​and beliefs that are important for the teacher role, the following tools are developed:
  • A decision simulator where students are faced with challenging cases and make decisions that give information about values ​​and beliefs related to the role of the teacher.
  • Digital tools that provide insight into pupils experiences related to the pre-service teacher’s practice.
  • Digital tools that combine per-service teacher’s self-reports with data from pupils responses.
  • Tools for use of information from the above descirbed tools in mentoring with fellow students to contribute to professional development and reflection about teaching and the teacher role.
  • Tools for structured use of video based on information from the above described tools to systematically develop teaching practices.


The project started as a part of a pilot project supported by NFR (No. 237863), which examined learner feedback to teacher students and the use of such feedback in mentoring. The development of the tools is based on research on mentoring, on novice teachers and on teaching. How the tools can contribute to new teachers’ professional development is followed up with interviews, observations and questionnaires. The project will start in 2019 and will end in 2022.


The project is funded by the Norwegian Research Council.


The project is based in the research group Teacher Professionalism and Educational Change: Practices, Purposes, Policies (TEPEC) at the Faculty of Educational Sciences, in cooperation with College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, USA and the University of Oslo's partner schools for teacher education.


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Eli Lejonberg
Project leader


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