Snøkult. Research Collaboration on a Touring Architecture Exhibition (completed)

Snøkult research investigated the development of young people's understanding of architectural design processes. Creative activities included digital and analogue modelling, incorporating an application designed for collaborative work at a multitouch table. The pedagogical activities were developed in collaboration with the National Museum and Snøhetta for a two-day traveling workshop.

InterMediaLab tests interaction features of Snøkult mutitouch application (photo: Anthony Perritano).

About the project

Snøkult is a traveling workshop on architecture designed for middle school students, produced by the National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design for the Cultural Rucksack program (Den kulturelle skolesekken).

The centerpiece of the two-day workshop is a multitouch table that students use to gather, assemble, and present digital representations of their ideas for a new cultural center, inspired by the Oslo Opera.

InterMedia developed the design of the multitouch application and pedagogical activities  in collaboration with the National Museum and internationally renowned architectural firm Snøhetta, with the aim of fostering young people's deeper understanding of architectural design processes.

The research design included a full-scale pilot study, conducted in fall 2010.  Findings from this study are applied in the Museum's commerical development and implementation of Snøkult, which will start touring Norwegian schools fall 2011.


Snøkult is part of the Exhibnet sub-project in CONTACT, financed by VERDIKT, The Research Council of Norway.

Tags: multitouch, architecture
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