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Mediating conditions for learning and studying: a research- and development project (MEDPED)

This study sets out to investigate the usefulness of digitalization for redefining and expanding tasks and assignments within a bachelor program in education at the University of Oslo. By redefining the curriculum and introducing new technology as a mediating condition, we have studied if and how digitalization allows for the creation of new tasks. The project examines educational opportunities and challenges of digitalizing the university. Moreover, it systematically reviews evaluation data to develop research-based knowledge about teaching pedagogies beyond ‘what works’.

About the project

The project examines educational opportunities and challenges of introducing new digital technology in a first year bachelor course in education.

Key research questions are:

  • Which parts of the program can be digitalized without loss of educational qualities?
  • Under which conditions, can leaders, teachers and students overcome the obstacles they face?
  • How can ethical standards and professional judgment be exercised to facilitate study designs and educative processes beyond "what works"?


August 2017 the Department of education, UiO, launched a new revised bachelor’s program in education. Along with this revision, MEDPED received a grant from the Faculty of educational sciences to develop enquiry based learning by digital technolgy. In 2018 we conducted one survey to 120 students and four group interviews as part of this study. In 2019 we continued the project by developing new assignments and expanding the use of the learning management platform. A comparative  study (MEDPED II),  extended the data-base by including a survey and four interviews. The project ends in December 2021.


Grant from the Faculty of Educational Sciences (2017-2018): 350.000 NOK

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Kirsten Sivesind