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PeTS; Faculty peer-tutoring in teaching and supervision - Innovation teacher collaboration practices in Norwegian higher education

The main aim of the project is to create collaborative teaching and supervision practices among teachers in higher education. Based on our systematic intervention we will develop research-based knowledge about peer tutoring.

About the project

Our point of departure is methods for peer tutoring that have turned out to work in ways that make teachers reflect on and develop their own teaching/supervision. Peer review of supervision (PRS) is a model structuring conversations related to experienced challenges in supervising students. The participants describe and submit case descriptions of problems they are facing, which are critically discussed and analyzed in peer groups. Peer review of teaching (PRT) is a model structuring conversations related to planning, observing and reviewing teaching by peers. The participants describe and submit detailed lesson plans, which are presented to and critically discussed in peer groups. The project will also explore how these collaborative efforts can be supported by using digital tools.

To combine the level of innovation and the need for research, we approach this project based on Cultural-Historical Activity Theory (CHAT), drawing particularly on a five-phase experimental cycle. The first phases aim at mapping and analyzing established strategies on teaching/supervision and the need for innovation. The historical and situational aspects of each case will be taken into consideration. The adjusted methods will be applied in the middle phases and data will be collected. The whole process will be analyzed in the final phase. Here we closely consider the characteristics of the involved context and possible implications in a longitudinal perspective.


  • PhD supervision at the Faculty of Medicine
  • Master supervision at the Faculty of Humanities
  • Teaching at a professional program in pharmacy
  • Teaching at a professional program in theology


Funded by The Norwegian Research Council`s FINNUT program (Research and Innovation in the Educational Sector)


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