Ericson, Hesla & Stadskleiv (2021): Gaining Super Control: Psychoeducational group intervention for adolescents with mild intellectual disability and their parents

I: Journal of Intellectual Disabilities. Online first.

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Stine Ericson, Marianne Winge Hesla & Kristine Stadskleiv


Adolescents with intellectual disability experience psychological and social challenges in their transition to adulthood. Knowledge about the diagnosis and insight into own strengths and difficulties can help them manage the limitations and barriers they face, but suitable interventions with this purpose are scarce. The present paper presents a psychoeducational group intervention, The Super Control Project, for adolescents (15–17 years old) with mild intellectual disability (n ¼ 23) and their parents. In a pre-post design, adolescent outcome data was obtained through teacher and parent questionnaires, and interviews with the adolescents. Parents and adolescents also evaluated the interventions’ usefulness. Results indicated positive impact on participants’ understanding of the diagnosis, managing of everyday challenges, and social networking. The intervention seemed to fit the participants’ needs and abilities. The study encourages further implementation and rigorous evaluation.

Publisert 19. mars 2021 08:16 - Sist endret 22. mars 2021 14:59