Næss & Moljord (2022): Special Educational Needs and Disabilities in Secondary Education (Norway)

I: Bloomsbury Education and Childhood Studies. Subscription Required.

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Kari-Anne B. Næss & Gøril Moljord


This an invited paper by Bloomsbury Education and Childhood Studies. Bloomsbury Education and Childhood Studies – is meant to be an authoritative, comparative resource on the state of education systems as well as the nature of childhood and youth experience around the world, drawing on expertise of an extensive international team of academics. At the moment 40 countries have been involved in this comparative project. The present article provides an overview of special education and the situation for pupils with special education needs and disabilities in secondary education in Norway. It includes the following topics: research on special education, needs and disabilities, programmes and policies, regulations, resources, funding, and school personnel.

Publisert 21. juni 2022 14:35 - Sist endret 21. juni 2022 15:23