Åpent seminar - lunch talk by Dr. Henri Pesonen

Dr. Pesonen will present his ongoing Research with a title: "Associations between future teachers' sense of belonging, wellbeing and competence in encountering children with diverse needs"

Dr. Henri Pesonen (photo:private)

About Dr. Pesonen and his research

  • Dr. Henri Pesonen works as University Lecturer of Special Education at the University of Helsinki, Finland.
  • Dr. Pesonen's research focuses on the factors associated with sense of belonging for students with and without diverse learning needs, and how to support belonging in various educational contexts and in the society. His related interests include educational policy implementation, particularly from the special education perspective. Currently, Dr. Pesonen is conducting comparative research about Finnish and Chinese teacher trainees’ competence to support sense of belonging in the classroom.
  • Dr. Pesonen earned his Ph.D. in Special Education from the University of Helsinki,  M.Sc. in Childhood Education from Pace University (USA), and B.A. in Primary Education from the University of Sunderland (UK). Before completing his doctoral studies, Pesonen worked as a classroom and special education teacher in Finland, and language teacher and academic coach in the United States.




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