Audiovisual speech perception in infancy

The Oslo Assessment, Intervention and Learning Lab (O-AILL) at Department of Special Needs Education is hosting an open lecture with PhD-student and lecturer Katharina Dorn, Otto-Friedrich University of Bamberg. The topic is: Audiovisual speech perception in infancy - A cross-cultural comparison of multisensory perceptual narrowing and face-scanning behavior in same-rhythm-class languages (German and Swedish)

Katharina Dorn

Short summary of the topic

My goal is to examine the early language development in infancy. Particularly, I'm interested in early audiovisual speech perception and discrimination, examining the perceptual narrowing phenomenon in same-rhythm-class languages, that differ in phonological and phonetical but not in distinctive prosodic attributes. Additionally, I'm interested in face-scanning behavior and the long-term expressive language development.


Katharina Dorn is a PhD-student and lecturer at Department of Psychology I, at Otto-Friedrich-University, in Bamberg (Germany).


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