Open Lecture with Professor Anne Edwards, University of Oxford

Open lecture: Working with Vygotsky’s Legacy in Research on Teaching and Learning

Professor Anne Edwards

All staff members and doctoral students are invited to join the following session led by professor Anne Edwards.

Time: 9.15-11.45

Room: 234, Helga Eng’s house

Learning Culture and Social Interaction: how Vygotsky’s legacy informs research on teaching and learning.

This interactive session will examine the following themes: culture and learning; practice and activities in practices; agency and identity; and reflection and self-regulation. It will start with reference to some of Vygotsky’s key ideas and will move on to link them to examples of current research on teaching and learning which are informed by those ideas.

Anne Edwards is a Professor 2 in the Faculty of Educational Sciences and is co-founder of the Oxford Centre for Sociocultural and Activity Theory Research.

Writing workshop

This workshop will give staff members and doctoral students, who are working within the cultural historical, activity theory and sociocultural traditions, an opportunity to discuss and receive feedback on their work in progress.

Time: 13.00 - 16.00

Room: 234, Helga Eng’s house

Course paper: The numbers for this workshop are limited and participants are encouraged to submit (parts of) a draft paper to be discussed, by February 24 at the latest. The draft paper should be sent to, cc: Anne Edwards


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