Open lecture February 19th with professor Peter F. de Jong: Diagnosing Dyslexia: How deep should we dig?

The research group Child, Language and Learning (CLL) at Department of Special Needs Education is hosting an open lecture on dyslexia with professor Peter de Jong, Research Institute of Child Development, University of Amsterdam.

Professor Peter de Jong, Research Institute of Child Development and Education, University of Amsterdam (Photo: Jeroen Oerlemans).


All definitions of dyslexia mention severe reading and/or spelling problems. Is this enough for the diagnosis of dyslexia or should we include other cognitive abilities? Two issues will be discussed.  First, some definitions also include the presumed cognitive causes of dyslexia. Is there sufficient evidence to do this? Secondly, definitions of dyslexia hardly ever contain contraindications except for exclusionary criteria such as poor education. However, it is known that malingering happens. Can malingerers be recognized? It will be concluded that reading and spelling are (almost) the only abilities that need to be assessed for diagnosing dyslexia.

About the speaker

Peter de Jong is Professor of Psychology and Education at the University of Amsterdam. He is specialized in the development of academic skills, with a focus on reading development, and the etiology, diagnosis and treatment of learning disabilities, in particular of dyslexia. He has obtained an MA in Methods and Statistics of Psychological Research at the University of Amsterdam and a PhD in Psychology at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. He has published numerous articles in international journals, and has been associate editor of the journal Scientific Studies of Reading. Currently, he is the chairman of the Dutch Dyslexia Foundation.





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