Open seminar: Consequences and outcome in children with hearing loss

Welcome to an open seminar with presentations about the consequences and outcome in children with hearing loss, with two new professors at ISP; Professor in Cognitive hearing science, Björn Lyxell, and Professor II Elizabeth Fitzpatrick, University of Ottawa.

Universal newborn hearing screening has resulted in early detection and intervention (Illustrasjonsfoto: Colourbox)


"Kognitiv och språklig utveckling hos döva och hörselskadade barn med cochleaimplantat och/eller hörapparat"

Björn Lyxell, professor i Audiopedagogikk ved Institutt for spesialpedagogikk.

"Children with mild bilateral and unilateral hearing loss: Characteristics, outcomes, and parent perspectives"

Elizabeth Fitzpatrick, professor i audiologi/audiopedagogikk ved University of Ottawa, professor II ved Institutt for spesialpedagogikk.

About the lecture: Universal newborn hearing screening has resulted in the early detection of substantially more children with permanent mild bilateral or unilateral hearing loss and generated new interest in this “special population”.  Intervention models for children with moderate loss and greater are generally well-established, but considerable uncertainty and variation surrounds intervention services for children with milder losses. This presentation will first provide a glimpse of the characteristics of this ‘special population’ of children with hearing loss. A brief summary of outcomes will be presented for a cohort of children who were identified by 6 months of age. Information from parent interviews about their perspectives and needs for intervention will also be presented. Clinical practices and parents’ values can provide insights into the aspects of a service model that should receive consideration in intervention programs for young children with mild bilateral/unilateral hearing loss and their families.

Om innlederne

Björn Lyxell

Lyxell er professor i audiopedagogikk ved Institutt for Spesialpedagogikk, Universitetet i Oslo og professor i kognitiv psykologi, Institutet för handikappvetenskap, Linköpings universitet (LiU). Lyxells forskning fokuserer på døve og  hørselsskadede barns kognitive, språklige og kommunikative utvikling. Et viktigt innslag i forskningen handlar om hvordan man kan påvirke barnas utvikling ved hjelp av internetadministrert kognitiv intervensjon (trening).

Elizabeth Fitzpatrick

Fitzpatrick is a Full Professor in Audiology/Speech-Language Pathology at the University of Ottawa, Canada, and a Senior Scientist at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario Research Institute in Ottawa. Prior to academia, Elizabeth worked for more than 20 years in as both a clinical audiologist and listening and spoken language therapist. Her research interests are related to interventions and outcomes in both children and adults across the spectrum of hearing disorders.  Recent studies, supported by grants from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), have been focused on audiological results from newborn hearing screening, the trajectory and impact of mild bilateral/unilateral hearing loss in early-identified children, and children with cochlear implants. Elizabeth has authored 3 books, is past Editor-in-chief of the Canadian Journal of Speech-Language Pathology and is currently an Associate Editor with the Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education and an Academic Editor with PLOS ONE.  



Publisert 3. apr. 2019 10:51 - Sist endret 15. apr. 2019 11:41