Special event on Rehabilitation, social inclusion, and special needs in critical areas of intervention: the experience of EMERGENCY NGO in Iraq.

The Department of Special Needs Education is holding a webinar on Rehabilitation, social inclusion, and special needs in critical areas of intervention: the experience of EMERGENCY NGO in Iraq.


Dr. Chiara Bardelli and Dr. Faris Hama


The planning and carrying out of interventions in the field of special needs education and inclusion is a difficult task, especially in those regions, which are in critical conditions such as conflicts. Students of Special Needs education at the University of Oslo will have the opportunity to meet experts in the field, listen to their experience and ask questions in order to develop awareness of this difficult professional trajectory. During the webinar, the activities of the international NGO EMERGENCY will be presented, with a specific focus on the projects developed in Iraq. Then the audience will have the opportunity to listen about the practice of intervention by Dr. Faris Hama, director of the project of social inclusion of people with acquired disabilities carried out at the EMERGENCY’s hospital in Sulaimaniya, Iraq. Finally, students and staff will have the possibility to ask questions and exchange ideas with the presenters.

Dr. Chiara Bardelli

Chiara Bardelli has over 10 years of experience in the humanitarian sector, particularly in the Middle East. She spent 5 years working in field missions where she managed projects in health, human rights protection and refugees’ assistance covering the West Bank, Lebanon and Iraq. She has dealt with a diverse range of stakeholders, from CSOs and local authorities to international institutional donors. In 2012 she joined EMERGENCY in Afghanistan as Country Administrator and a year later she moved to Milan to lead the Grants Management Office, which she continues to coordinate with a team of 6 staff members. Chiara completed her studies with a master’s degree in Human Rights and Conflict Management at Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna in Pisa, Italy.

Bildet kan inneholde: person, panne, nese, skjorte, skjorte.
Dr. Faris Hama

Faris Hama has nearly 35 years of experience in the humanitarian sector, primarily in Iraq. He worked with the Kurdistan Health Foundation - KHF, a local NGO serving war victims, for 6 years. Between 1991-1992, he was Head Nurse at the Naoparez Surgical Hospital on the Iraq- Iran border, supporting war victims and IDPs. He then continued his work as Hospital Administrator until early 1996. He joined EMERGENCY in February 1996 and has had several roles within the organisation. He started as Nurse and was soon promoted to Head Nurse at EMERGENCY’s Surgical Centre in Sulaymaniyah. Faris also spent 6 months in Afghanistan to train young nurses in war surgery care. He has been Director of EMERGENCY’s Rehabilitation Centre in Sulaymaniyah since 2001.


The webinar is open for students and staff members. Please sign up here.

Registration deadline: 15.09.2021

We hope this will be of your interest and hope to see you there!


Professor Luca Tateo, ISP og Dr. Eleonora Del Gaudio, EMERGENCY NGO
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