QUINT Conference 2022: University of Iceland and University of Akureyri

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The third QUINT conference 'Theorizing and Measuring Teaching Quality: Instruments, Evidence and Interpretations' will bring together world leading scholars with a keen interest in discussing the many aspects of measuring teaching quality, 7-10 June, Iceland.

Conference Theme

Theorizing and Measuring Teaching Quality: Instruments, Evidence and Interpretations

Research on teaching quality suggests that significant advancements have been made in conceptualizing, operationalizing and measuring teaching quality over the past two decades. However, the field still strives with challenges related to:

(i) ways of conceptualizing teaching quality

(ii) differences in terminology and language used

(iii) difficulties in operationalization and measurement and

(iv) epistemologies and theoretical underpinnings

In this third QUINT conference, we address all of these issues. We welcome especially papers that address ways of theorizing teaching quality, testing out frameworks, models, and theories of what constitutes high quality teaching and schooling.

Keynote speakers

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Pamela Grossman
University of Pennsylvania

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Courtney Bell
University of Wisconsin – Madison

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Daniël Muijs
Academica University of Applied Sciences


  • 6 June: Arrival 
  • 7-8 June: QUINT PhD Summer Institute 2022
    Keynote sessions, paper sessions dedicated to PhD Students, coding workshop
  • 9-10 June: QUINT Conference 2022
    Keynote sessions, paper sessions, symposia, and a panel debate

Detailed programme

Timeline and Key Dates

  • January Call for papers opens
  • By 1 March Call for abstracts - submission ends
  • 1 April Paper acceptance confirmed
  • 1 April PhD Funding confirmed
  • 18 April Registration deadline
  • 21 April Programme PhD Summer Institute
  • 25 April Programme Conference


Organising committee

  • QUINT Centre Director Professor Kirsti Klette, University of Oslo
  • Professor Anna Kristín Sigurðardóttir, University of Iceland
  • Associate Professor and Head of Faculty of Education Birna Svanbjörnsdóttir, University of Akureyri
  • QUINT Postdoctoral Fellow Camilla G. Magnusson, University of Oslo
  • Postdoctoral Fellow Jennifer M. Luoto, University of Oslo
  • QUINT Administrative Leader Maria Dikova

Contact: contact-quint@ils.uio.no

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QUINT Centre Director Professor Kirsti Klette

QUINT Communication Advisor Misha Jemsek

Financed by NordForsk, programme "Education for Tomorrow" (External link to the NordForsk website)
Project number 87663