QUINT Teaching Quality Webinar: Global Teaching InSights

This webinar focused on the Global Teaching InSights study recently released by TALIS .

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Webinar on Teaching Quality: Global Teaching Insights

This webinar discussed the results of the TALIS project.

The seminar gave QUINT researchers and other interested researchers the opportunity to reflect upon the conduct and initial findings of the QUINT LISA Nordic project through comparison with the TALIS Global Teaching Insights (GTI) Study.  We discussed how many of the challenges that arose in the LISA Nordic project are problems that plague all video studies of teaching quality, including the difficulty of recruiting and sampling schools, minimizing rater error, and the challenge of linking measures of teaching quality and student learning.   This experience of reflecting on a similar large video study helped researchers to clarify the strengths and limitations of the LISA Nordic data so we can move forward in drawing clear, valid conclusions about teaching across the Nordic context.

Global Teaching InSights: A video study of teaching

What does teaching look like? What practices are most impactful? By directly observing teaching in the classroom, this study trialled new research methods to shed light on these key questions for raising student outcomes around the world. This report provides a detailed account of classroom management, social and emotional support, and instructional practices in the classrooms of eight countries and economies, drawing upon the observation of lesson videos and instructional materials, the analysis of teacher and student questionnaires, and the measurement of students’ cognitive and non-cognitive outcomes.

This webinar is based on the discussions of the two chapters:

Chapter 2: Understanding and measuring mathematics teaching practice

Assigned readers:

  • Assistant Professor Anders Stig Christensen, UCL University College Denmark
  • QUINT Postdoctoral Fellow Mark White, University of Oslo

Chapter 5: Instruction

Assigned readers:

  • Assistant Professor Berglind Gísladóttir, University of Iceland 
  • Associate Professor Marie Nilsberth, Karlstad University

Discussion points

  • Research design
  • Differences in instructional practices
  • How GTI understands Teaching Quality 


Global Teaching InSights (External link to the OECD website)

Global Teaching InSights. A Video Study of Teaching (Pdf)

Global Teaching InSights technical documents (External link to the OECD website on technical documents to be used at the seminar)


QUINT Centre Director Professor Kirsti Klette (Link to the website with researcher information)

QUINT Postdoctoral Fellow Mark White (Link to the website with researcher information)


QUINT finds it highly valuable to work towards a richer, and to a larger extent shared, theory-based understanding of the concept teaching quality. Indeed, a principal ambition of the QUINT Center, articulated in the application to NordForsk, is to contribute to theoretical development in research on teaching quality through an empirical integration of perspectives. So, while occupied with gathering extensive comparative data linked to several subprojects and bringing new PhD students and post docs into the project, we would also like to facilitate conversations among the QUINT researchers about the theoretical aspects of our joint research objective. For this purpose, we invite QUINT researchers to a series of study webinars in which we explore and discuss theoretical aspects of teaching quality linked to the design of the QUINT subprojects. The aim is to develop an interdisciplinary and applicable understanding of the theoretical lenses with which we investigate teaching quality.

This webinar is limited to researchers at QUINT.

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