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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Doris Jorde Jorde, Doris Professor +47-22856110 +47-93406990
Picture of Karl Øyvind Jordell Jordell, Karl Øyvind Professor +47-22855382 Education, Teacher education
Picture of Alfredo Jornet Gil Jornet Gil, Alfredo Associate Professor +47-22840146 95156142 +47 95156142 Education, Museums and communication
Picture of Surinder Nath Joshi Joshi, Surinder Nath Senior Adviser +47-22858255 +47-92024773
Picture of Rogers Kaliisa Kaliisa, Rogers Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22845318 Education, ICT and learning
Kalsoom, Amina Higher Executive Officer +47-22854157
Picture of Jannicke Karlsen Karlsen, Jannicke Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22858132
Picture of Berit Karseth Karseth, Berit Professor +47-22855292 Education, Curriculum studies
Picture of Hanna Karv Karv, Hanna Adviser +47-22859413 Research administration, External funding, EU, project management
Picture of Jasmina Kazazic Kazazic, Jasmina Executive Officer
Picture of Carita Kiili Kiili, Carita Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22857780 Education, Comprehending and learning from text
Picture of Melanie Kirmess Kirmess, Melanie Associate Professor +47-22858068 +47-48250705
Picture of Caro Kirsebom Kirsebom, Caro Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22840915 48294349 +47-48294349 Teacher education, Education
Picture of Bård Kjos Kjos, Bård Faculty Director +47-22858240 +47-91897458 91897458
Picture of Marit Kjærnsli Kjærnsli, Marit Associate Professor +47-22854153 +47-97726569
Picture of Kirsti Klette Klette, Kirsti Professor +47-22855285 USA, Nordic
Picture of Thor Arnfinn  Kleven Kleven, Thor Arnfinn Associate Professor Emeritus +47-22856162 Quantitative analysis of education, Education
Picture of Sarah Beate Klingseid Klingseid, Sarah Beate Senior Executive Officer +47-22855126 Study administration
Picture of Tomas Kliukas-Askim Kliukas-Askim, Tomas Executive Officer +47-22858043
Picture of Anders Kluge Kluge, Anders Researcher +47-22840710 ICT and learning, Education
Picture of Erik Knain Knain, Erik Professor +47-22858252 Sustainability education, Inquiry-based learning, socio-scientific issues, scientific literacy
Kokkersvold, Erling Senior
Picture of Karsten Korbøl Korbøl, Karsten Lecturer +47-22844864 99232327
Kringlebotn, Nora Kontor : +47 - 22844427 Archive
Picture of Heidi Kristensen Kristensen, Heidi Doctoral Research Fellow