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Mi Lenga

Mi Lenga is a research and development project that aims to strengthen multilingualism in education at the Department of Teacher Education and School Research at the University of Oslo.

Students in the classroom


Students in the teacher-training programme Lektorprogrammet collaborate with university schools and other actors to write good master’s theses on multilingualism in various subjects.

About the project

Knowing about multilingualism in education is lacking. In Mi Lenga, students in the teacher-training programme Lektorprogrammet at the University of Oslo explore multilingualism in various subjects in their master's theses. To strengthen the professional relevance of the master’s theses, they collaborate with schools and other actors. The project is connected to The Centre for Professional learning in Teacher education (ProTed). 

In these master projects, the students:

  • Explore current issues regarding multilingualism in various subjects at the secondary school level or adult education;
  • Develop creative designs where they collect their own data in collaboration with the field of practice; and
  • Draw on their own and/or others’ multilingual repertoires to access different experiences in school

“Mi Lenga” means “my language” in Papiamento, which is a Creole language spoken primarily in Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao in the Caribbean. The origin of the language is unknown, but it has common features with Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch and West African languages. For many, therefore, the word feels both known and unknown at the same time. It is also the title of the poem “Mi Lenga Papiamentu” (“My language Papiamento”) by Philip A. Rademaker, in which he describes the meaning of language for the individual.


Mi Lenga is led by Joke Dewilde, Associate Professor of Multilingualism in Education, who collaborates with the following actors:

  • University School Cooperation, a cooperation between the University of Oslo and 18 schools in the municipalities of Oslo and Akershus
  • Researchers at Nordic institutions: Line Møller Daugaard (VIA University College, Denmark), Irmelin Kjelaas (Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway) and Åsa Wedin (Dalarna University, Sweden)
  • The National Centre of Multicultural Education (NAFO), a division of the Faculty of Education and International Studies at Oslo Metropolitan University
  • The Multilingual Library
  • 'Glimt fra et flerspåklig klasserom' [A glimse of a multilingual classroom], a blog run by teacher Tone Evensen


In 2020 Mi Lenga received internal funding to further develop R&D collaboration between the university and university schools. 

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