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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Bjørn Stensaker Stensaker, Bjørn Professor and Head of LINK +47-22844472 +47-99707913 Education, Higher education
Picture of Mette Strand Strand, Mette Higher Executive Officer +47 22845607 Study administration
Picture of Torill Strand Strand, Torill Professor +47 22855388 Education, Fundamental questions in education
Picture of Helge Ivar Strømsø Strømsø, Helge Ivar Professor/ Deputy Dean for Research +47-22858188 Education, Comprehending and learning from text
Picture of Anniken Hotvedt Sundby Sundby, Anniken Hotvedt Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22856627 +47 99330742 Education, Curriculum studies
Picture of Mary Sutphen Sutphen, Mary Professor +47 22858007 Education, Higher education, Academic development
Picture of Rabia Azhar Syed Syed, Rabia Azhar Higher Executive Officer +47 22855126 Study administration
Picture of Elin Østbø Sørensen Sørensen, Elin Østbø Head of Office +47 22855353 Office manager
Picture of Daniel Tröhler Tröhler, Daniel Professor II Education, Curriculum studies, Humanities
Picture of Sverre Tveit Tveit, Sverre Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22858277 +47 41545503 Education, Fundamental questions in education, Comparative and international studies
Picture of Kari-Anne Ulfsnes Ulfsnes, Kari-Anne Adviser +47 22840735 +47 92232053 Research administration
Picture of Stein Erik Ulvund Ulvund, Stein Erik Professor +47 22854252 Education, Child development
Picture of Rosa Elizabeth Valseth Valseth, Rosa Elizabeth Higher Executive Officer +47 22840701 Academic development unit, Reception
Picture of Hedda Novang Wahl Wahl, Hedda Novang Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22852897 Education, Special Needs Education, Mathematical learning difficulties
Picture of Anne Line Wittek Wittek, Anne Line Professor +47 22858515 Education, Higher Education
Picture of Junyi Yang Yang, Junyi Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22840952 Education, Comprehending and learning from text, China
Picture of Svein Østerud Østerud, Svein Professor Emeritus +47-22840785 +47-99278822 Education, ICT and learning
Picture of Kamil Øzerk Øzerk, Kamil Professor +47 22855347 USA, Education, Curriculum studies