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Academic Interests

  • My research is mainly focused on language and reading development in children with dyslexia, specific language difficulties and children with minority language.
  • Area of the particular interest includes educational psychological counseling and evaluation in relation to the aforementioned group, which is reflected in my research work.
  •  I also have a special interest in quantitative methods where meta-analyses and experiments are my main fields.


I have been teaching and are teachin on different courses at my depatment, for instance

  • SPED4010 Theory of science, research methods and statistics: Quantitative methods and case study design
  • PED4100 Theory and practice in educational psychological counseling: Reading and reading comprehension
  • SPED3010 Reading development and reading difficulties: Coordinator
  • PhD course in meta-analysis
  • PhD course in research methods and design
  • Diverse teaching related to testing and evaluation

Higher education and employment history

  • I have previously worked as an pedagogical psychological advisor at the pedagogical psychological service center (PPT) and an advisor in special needs education at Torshov competence center. This work included assessment of children with general learning difficulties, specific language impairment, dyslexia and ADHD. In addition, I worked as a counselor for parents and teachers concerning children with the aforementioned challenges and their education.
  • In 2008 I have defended my Doctor's dissertation "Phonological representations, verbal short-term memory and reading skills". This study involves series of training experiments which are aimed to investigate the correlation between phonological awareness, verbal short-term memory and reading skills. Moreover, the study includes meta-analysis where I have investigated how children with dyslexia perform on tests of phonological awareness and verbal short-term memory.
  • In 2009 I started a Postdoctoral project which deals with language and reading skills in minority language speakers. The project is funded by FRISAM.
  • More about my projects and research can be found her i Cristin.


Deputy dean of reasearch at our faculty

Member of the Council for research affairs at the Faculty of Educational Sciences.

Governing board member at the Department of special needs education.


  • I also work in cooperation with Arne Lervåg, Department of Education.
Tags: meta-analysis, dyslexia, systematic reviews, language impairment, intervetions, working memory, second language learners, USA, India
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