Hulme, Snowling, West, Lervåg & Melby-Lervåg (2020): Children’s Language Skills Can Be Improved: Lessons From Psychological Science for Educational Policy

I: Current Directions in Psychological Science, Online first, Open Access

Bildet kan inneholde: tekst, grønn, font, bokomslag.


Charles Hulme, Margaret J. Snowling, Gillian West, Arne Lervåg & Monica Melby-Lervåg


Oral language is crucial for social interaction and for learning in the classroom; it also provides the foundation for reading comprehension. It follows that children with language difficulties are at high risk of educational failure. Recently, a number of studies have demonstrated that it is possible to produce small but significant improvements in children’s oral language through targeted language interventions (d = 0.16) and, furthermore, that studies with high-quality implementation show larger effects (d = 0.24). There is also evidence that effects of language intervention can generalize to produce improvements in reading comprehension. Although further research examining the long-term effects of language interventions are needed, current findings have important implications for educational policy and practice.

Publisert 10. aug. 2020 15:20 - Sist endret 10. aug. 2020 15:20