Peter Nicolai Aashamar

QUINT PhD Fellow

University of Oslo, Department of Teacher Education and School Research, Faculty of Educational Sciences


Peter Nicolai Aashamar

Academic Interests

Aashamar’s field of study is social studies education. Research interests are democratic citizenship education, classroom discourse and quality in classroom instruction. 


Aashamar has worked as a high school teacher in social science and Norwegian since 2017. He holds a master’s degree in social didactics from the University of Oslo where he explored data from the video study Linking Instruction and Student Experiences (LISE) examining   democratic aspects of classroom discourse. He has worked as a research assistant at the University of Oslo between 2016 and 2019.

PhD Dissertation 

A comparative perspective on classroom practises related to democratic citizenship education across Nordic countries. Video observation of civic practises in instructional activities.
Supervisors: Kirsti Klette, University of Oslo
Anders Stig Christensen, UCL University College Denmark


Aashamar, Peter; Mathé, Nora Elise Hesby & Brevik, Lisbeth M. (2018). Diskusjon som flerfaglig demokratisk ferdighetBedre Skole.  ISSN 0802-183X.  (3), s 31- 35

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