Anna Nissen

QUINT PhD Fellow

Karlstad University, Department of Educational Studies, Faculty of Pedagogical Work


Anna Nissen

Academic Interests

Nissen’s main field of study is language arts. She is especially interested in reading, reading comprehension and literature discussions as a way of learning.


Nissen has been a teacher of Swedish, English and music for almost 30 years. She has mainly worked with teenagers in upper secondary school, but she has also taught children and adults. In 2018 she finished her master thesis in didactics at the University of Gothenburg. It is about how students show ethical awareness when they discuss fiction in small groups.

PhD Dissertation 

When working with her Phd dissertation Nissen aims at analyzing and comparing how student and teachers in Nordic countries work with reading and reading comprehension. Among other things she will explore how and in which situations students are invited to show their reading comprehension.

Supervisors: Michael Tengberg and Marte Blikstad-Balas


Anna Lyngfelt och Anna Nissen. (2018). Skönlitteraturbaserad etikundervisning och fiktionalitet. Utbildning & demokrati nr 3.

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