Jenny Högström

QUINT PhD Fellow

University of Helsinki, Faculty of Educational Sciences



Peter Nicolai Aashamar

Academic Interests

Högström’s field of study is digitalisation of Nordic classrooms. Her research interests lie in the social psychology of information and communication technology, identity theory and research, as well as psychology of motivation.


Högström holds a Master’s degree in social psychology from the Faculty of Social Sciences at University of Helsinki. In her thesis she studied personal identity in emerging adulthood, through examining associations between identity dimensions and traditional trajectories of young adulthood in a Finnish sample. In addition, between 2014 and 2019, Högström has worked as a research assistant and conference secretary in various projects at the University of Helsinki.

PhD Dissertation 

Högström takes part in the Connected Classrooms Nordic (CCN) longitudinal study, which explores the quality of Nordic teaching in relation to digitalisation of education. Within this framework, based on classroom video recordings and focus group discussions, Högström is interested to examine questions that look at students’ activities, such as agency, in the classroom.

Supervisors: Anna Slotte, University of Helsinki and Marie Nilsberth, Karlstad University

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