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Picture of Torunn Aanesland Strømme Strømme, Torunn Aanesland Associate Professor +47-22840730
Picture of Pia Sundqvist Sundqvist, Pia Associate Professor +47-22855045 +46 76 8496226
Picture of Elin Sæther Sæther, Elin Associate Professor +47-22858334 Social studies education, sustainability education, diversity, discourse analysis
Picture of Nani Teig Teig, Nani Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22845837 EKVA, PISA, Science education, Educational Science, Learning and teaching
Picture of Egil Thon Thon, Egil Senior
Picture of Marie Stanghov Thorstensen Thorstensen, Marie Stanghov Administrative Manager +47-22854261 Student and Academic Administration
Picture of Inger Throndsen Throndsen, Inger Researcher +47-22856021
Tiplic, Dijana Associate Professor +47-22854318 Learning, Leadership, Organization Theory, Educational Management
Utnem, Lisa Senior Executive Officer +47-22844248
Picture of Liv Christina Varen Varen, Liv Christina Senior Executive Officer +47-22854311
Picture of Kristin Beate Vasbø Vasbø, Kristin Beate Associate Professor +47-22855371
Picture of Jon Magne Vestøl Vestøl, Jon Magne Professor. Vice Dean for Studies + 47 22844595
Picture of Eva Thue Vold Vold, Eva Thue Professor - Department of Teacher Education and School Research +4722855052
Picture of Jørg Walter Walter, Jørg Senior Executive Officer +47-22859167
Weyergang, Cecilie Senior Adviser +47-22859191
Wiese, Eline F. Associate Professor
Picture of Geir Wiggen Wiggen, Geir Professor Emeritus
Picture of Marianne Ødegaard Ødegaard, Marianne Professor +47-22858115
Picture of Lee Ae Ran Aamodt Aamodt, Lee Ae Ran Project Manager +47-22855933 Quality of education, Student and Academic Administration, Teacher education