QUINT Conference 2021

QUINT Conference 2021 Analysing Teaching Quality across Nordic Classrooms: Methods, Measures and Meaning-making takes place online  2-3 September 2021.

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QUINT Conference 2021 is open to attendance for scholars from the QUINT network, including Associated Researchers. QUINT Themes and projects present status, findings, challenges and plans.  

If your name is not on the above list and you would like to attend the conference, please contact the organisers before your registration.


Deadline for registration 31 August. Attendance links will be provided upon registration.

Thursday 2 September

Zoom link - Room 2


Welcome by QUINT Centre Director Professor Kirsti Klette

Room 2


Presentations from Theme 1: Studying teaching quality across subjects and settings


Linking Instruction and Student Achievement in Nordic Schools (LISA Nordic)

Presented by Principal Investigator Professor Kirsti Klette, University of Oslo with support from Professor Michael Tengberg, Karlstad University and Senior Researcher Astrid Roe, University of Oslo

09.50-10.00 Break

Comparing Quality in Social Science Teaching in Nordic Classrooms (QUISST)

Presented by Principal Investigators Associate Professor Torben Spanget Christensen, University of Southern Denmark (SDU) and Associate Professor Nora Elise Hesby Mathé, University of Oslo (UiO)

10.30-10.40 Break

QuiCC - Quality in Culturally Diverse Classrooms

Presented by Principal Investigators Professor Hermína Gunnþórsdóttir, University of Akureyri and Associate Professor Anna Slotte, University of Helsinki

11.10-11.20 Break

QUALE: Quality Literature Education in Denmark, Sweden and Norway

Quality Literature Education (QUALE)

Presented by Professor Nikolaj Elf, University of Southern Denmark (SDU) and PhD Fellow Ida L. Gabrielsen, University of Oslo, with support from Associate Professor Vibeke Christensen, University of Southern Denmark, Professor Christina Olin-Scheller, Karlstad University, and Assistant Professor Ann-Christin Randahl, University of Gothenburg

12.00-13.00 Lunch

Connected Classrooms Nordic Study
Presented by Principal Investigators Associate Professor Anna Slotte, University of Helsinki and Associate Professor Marie Nilsberth, Karlstad University

13.40-13.50 Break

Presentations from Theme 4: Developing video-based teacher training

14.50-15.00 Break

Presentations from Theme 3: Using videos to support teachers’ professional learning

  • Short overview of the theme ambitions
    Presented by Principal Investigator Professor Marte Blikstad-Balas, University of Oslo

  • Video to support excellence in teaching (VIST) (Norway)
    Presented by QUINT Postdoctoral Fellow Camilla Magnusson, University of Oslo

  • LISA-PLOT (Sweden)
    Presented by Professor Michael Tengberg, Karlstad University

  • Professional Teaching (Iceland)
    Presented by Professor Anna-Kristin Sigurðardóttir, University of Iceland and Rúnar Sigþórsson,University of Akureyri

16.00 Concluding remarks

Friday 3 September

This conference day is devoted to project meetings. This sessions is reserved project members.


Plenary session - Room 2

LISA Nordic Reliability/Calibration Study

Meeting conveners: Kirsti Klette, Mark White, Michael Tengberg


LISA Nordic Study: Further analysis

Meeting conveners: Kirsti Klette, Astrid Roe, Michael Tengberg, Mark White


Connected Classrooms Nordic Study

Room 3

Meeting conveners: Project Principal Investigators Anna Slotte and Marie Nilsberth

Agenda TBA


QUISST Workshop 1

Room 4

Meeting conveners: Project Principal Investigators Nora Elise Hesby Mathé and Torben Spanget Christensen

Agenda TBA



Room 5

Meeting conveners: Project Principal Investigators Nikolaj Elf and Vibeke Christensen

Agenda TBA


Theme 3 

Room 6

Meeting conveners: Project Principal Investigators Marte Blikstad-Balas, Anna Kristín Sigurðardóttir and Rúnar Sigþórsson
Agenda TBA

Theme 4 

Room 7

Meeting conveners: Project Principal Investigators Inga Staal Jenset, Birna Svanbjörnsdóttir and Thomas Illum Hansen
Agenda TBA

12.00-13.00 Lunch

QUICC project meeting 

Room 2

Meeting conveners: Project Principal Investigators Hermína Gunnþórsdóttir

Agenda TBA


QUISST Workshop 2

Meeting conveners: Project Principal Investigators Nora Elise Hesby Mathé and Torben Spanget Christensen

Room 4

Agenda TBA


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