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CEMO Board

The CEMO Board is an administrative body that meets two times a year to focus on strategic and control functions as well as approving budgets, accounts, and annual reports.

Current CEMO Board as of 2018. Photo: Rolf Vegar Olsen/University of Oslo


The CEMO Board



Rita E. Hvistendahl (chair)

Head of Department of Teacher Education and School Research, UiO

Ona Bø Wie

Head of Department of Special Needs Education, UiO

Ola Erstad

Head of Department of Education, UiO

Fredrik Helland-Riise

Trade union representative

Hawa Dia

Student representative

Permanent secretary is Øystein Andresen, and Sigrid Blömeke is present in the meeting in capacity of being the CEMO director. 

To read the notices and minutes from the board meetings, please see our Norwegian websites.

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